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Access Pay Stubs Online - via our Website!!
As of January 1, 2018, CFS will no longer be sending you a copy of your actual hours worked each day of each pay week. We are not obligated to provide this information and the overall information regarding your hours is on your actual pay stubs.

As a reminder, you can access your pay stubs on line by going to the CFS home page.

Look for the "P" icon {This will bring you to the Paychex home page.}
For New York Employees, the company code ID is 0402 J593
For New Jersey Employees, the company code ID is 0402 F537

Your user ID is your initial of your first name and your last name, all lower case {Example: slax}

Your password is your first letter of your first name and first letter of your last name in CAPS, and the last 4 digits of your social security number {Example: SL1234}

Once you log in, you will be asked to change your password.

After you have logged in, you will be in the home page of paychex. On the upper left hand side, you will see the word PAYROLL. Click on payroll. Then click on check history. Pick the payroll week you want to view and click on that. You should then see a copy of the check stub. From this page, you will be able to print a copy of your check stub.

If you have any trouble logging in, please contact my office.
Thank you

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